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23rd Biennial International Congress on Thrombosis


European and Mediterrenaen League against Thromboembolic Disease (EMLTD)
VALENCIA, 14-17 Mayo 2014

Noticias Diario Medico:

The 23rd International Congress on Thrombosis, held in Valencia by the European and Mediterranean League against Thrombosis diseases (EMLTD) has gathered more than 700 investigators to discuss on the last advances in arterial and vein thrombosis, atrial fibrillation and coronary artery disease.

The EMLTD and Organizing Committee president, Professor Lina Badimon, has explained that "the molecular and cellular changes observed in thrombus from coronary arteries will allow us to identify new proteins that can be potential biomarkers for future cardiovascular events". Vice-president of the Spanish Society of Cardiology, Prof. Badimon also stated that "the residual thrombus in patients with deep vein thrombosis is associated to a double risk of recurrent thrombi-embolisms, post-thrombotic syndrome and arterial thrombosis".

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