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Vicenta Llorente-Cortés
Researcher - Researchers
telefono 93 556 5888

Scientist of the National Scientific Research Council (CSIC) in cardiovascular disease in the Cardiovascular Research Center of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. Bachelor in Biology from the Univesidad Autónoma de Barcelona. The Ph.D was performed at the Institut of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Medicine Faculty at Bern University.

Dr. Llorente is responsible for the research area related to the role of low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein (LRP1) in the lipid accumulation of the vascular wall and the consequences for cellular functionality. The aims of the group are: I. Characterization of aggregated LDL uptake by vascular cells; II. Study of LRP1 transcriptional regulation by risk atherosclerotic factors in in vitro and in vivo models; III. Study of the mechanisms involved in the prothrombotic transformation of vascular cells.
Nowadays, Dr. Llorente is principal investigator of FIS 051717 project entitled "Molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of the proatherothrombotic role of the lipoprotein receptor LRP1 in the vascular wall, of the intramural project" Effect of aggregated LDL uptake in sphingolipids metabolism in the vascular wall. Consequences for LRP1 and TF expression , key genes in atherotrombosis", and of the RETICS-Heart Failure RD06/0003/0015 entitled "" Identification of pathological molecular mechanisms involved in congestive heart failure and its contribution to the pathogenesis of thus syndrome".Dr. Llorente is responsible for real time PCR equipments (Abiprism 7000 and Apiprism 7900) of the ICCC

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Catalan Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences
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